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March 11, 2017

Cooking with me…

Nana used to love her cast-iron pots and pans. It was something of a treasure to her. There was such care taken for her dutch oven and her 13 inch pan and her 9 inch. Knowing that there is a 13 and 9 inch pan in the world of cooking sat in the back of my mind for a very long time. She always used the olive oil that was in the tin. Bertoli and such. The shit that costs some serious MONEY. Sometimes it was stuff we couldn’t even pronounce. She was serious about her Olive Oil. The knot that sits in the back of my throat now is because I can still see the red tiles in her kitchen. I can still see the old fashion Cast Iron sink. No kidding. The oil would be in the pan and you could smell it from everywhere in the house. She would have her apron on and stirring the cornbread mixture with what looked to be a new coat of this deep-burgundy Revlon polish on her long oval shaped nails. Silver rings lined her fingers. I just remember standing next to the stove and even though she told me to move, I still felt compelled to stand there. And I did. “Move Lonnie, I don’t want to burn you.” Little did I know, I got burned. On my foot there is a super light spot to this day and thats from the hot grease popping. She used to call it Hot Water Cornbread.  What a magnificent flavor. Especially since she would only use new oil to fry the golden-colored cakes in. Nothing else was good enough. They had to taste pure and she made sure of that. I feel a certain emptiness to this day because all i remember is that recipe being in a black long rectangular cookbook. But it never was found…

My innate infatuation with cooking came with my role in a previous relationship of mine. I was cooking dinner every night. This is before Pinterest was even introduced to me to the heaven they unveil on my eyes every single time I open the app on my phone. I was so intrigued by the endless possibilities. It was so very calming to me to stand in that kitchen and cook. Never mind that I was cooking for someone else. It was the fact that I was learning something. And it turned out that I was genuinely good at it!! So as the years passed I taught myself the basics of cooking and dove into learning more about how far this newfound passion could take me.

It really all started in 2008. Now don’t get me wrong, I was cooking before then. But not to the capacity I took myself to after 2008. In the past 9 years I have taught myself so much and there isn’t much that I don’t know how to cook. Give me a recipe and I will make it my own and take it from there. I have memorized my signature Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and will take it to my grave. It truly is the holy grail of cookies. I know secrets. I know tips. I know tricks. I know something….

I never thought that I would feel about Baking and Cooking like I do. But it has taken me by storm. Being able to cook is a beautiful thing to me. It is something that I am so very passionate about. Every time I cook something that I love, a part of me wishes I could share it with my Grandmother. She would love my homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies.


On here, you can expect to find some of my favorite recipes, cooking/baking tips and more! I just wish someone had taken the time to give me a condensed “know-how” when it comes to cooking or baking because it would have been quite useful to me.


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