Arranging Feelings


I’ve given so much thought to the arrangement of my feelings. Its tough sometimes for us to understand the needs of another person when the time isn’t being spent. I just wonder sometimes am I supposed to be completely honest with my feelings when I am in common conversation with people? I am getting more overwhelmed the further I go into my awakening. I am absorbing so much negative energy from others sometimes, and its not that I seek it. I do nice things for people and I think its more of a self-damaging behavior because I get mad when the person doesn’t reciprocate my kindness in some way that I think is fair, I go off on a tangent protecting my energy and passion from vampires who seek me. They are wanting suck all the energy out of me. I want to understand the gravity of how I feel, but have you ever seen those women that cry when a man proposes to them? I mean real, honest happy tears. My happy tears come from the joy I have in my heart because I am free. I can do all the things that I love to do and enjoy that I can do them without having to explain to anyone why I am doing something.

Growing up I think my mother misunderstood what it meant for someone to actually be emotionally helpful. Emotions are so important and its even more important to validate another persons feelings. I don’t like when my feelings are disregarded for no reason, so I try to not disregard another persons feelings unless there’s a good reason.

That feeling is amazing.



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